Dupont Tyvek DrainWrap 9 Ft. X 125 Ft. House Wrap

Dupont Tyvek DrainWrap 9 Ft. X 125 Ft. House Wrap

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Dupont Tyvek DrainWrap house wrap is a vertically-grooved surface that provides added protection against water, by enhancing drainage away from the wall assembly. It is designed to provide enhanced drainage in areas subject to extreme, wind driven rain. It combines the superior air and water resistance, vapor permeability and strength of Tyvek with a vertically grooved surface, to help channel water safely to the outside. The unique material structure of Tyvek DrainWrap helps hold out bulk water, while allowing water vapor to pass through it, promoting drying in the wall system, which can help prevent mold and water damage. The unique non-woven fiber structure of Tyvek DrainWrap also helps prevent air movement through the walls, contributing to a more energy efficient home. Five important benefits: high level of water resistance - to help protect the wall cavity from water that can get behind the cladding; The optimal level of vapor permeability - to promote drying in wall systems and help prevent rot and mold; High level of air resistance - to help prevent drafts, resist the flow of moisture-laden air through wall cavities, and ultimately help reduce energy bills; Durability - to withstand the rigors of the construction site, and provide the ability to maintain a constant drainage rate, even after repeated wetting and drying cycle; Improved drainage - to help guide water way from walls to the outside. 300 Second Air resistance.